Tuesday, March 27, 2018

EDC Spring Concert Choreographer Spotlight: Katie Messina

As we approach our Emory Dance Company Spring Concert, we will showcase each of our choreographers, who will share some insight to their choreographic processes. To begin this series, Emory senior Katie Messina will be sharing some of her thoughts with us. Katie is a double major in dance and linguistics, and this will be her second time choreographing for the Emory Dance Company.

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The idea of an earthquake in the body sparked my process this time around. While I started with just a simple idea, choreographing for a second time has allowed me to dive deep into my creative process, knowing my choreographic strengths and weaknesses, and playing around with both. I often have found that dancers feel most at home in movement through a sense of collaboration. This piece has definitely been collaborative, even more than my piece last spring. We utilize imaged based prompts, task based prompts, and partner work to create movement. Additionally, we often generate movement using things from previous rehearsals as a starting point. I am a big believer that not everything needs a deep concept or idea to begin. Yet, as we are diving into the final month of this work, I have noticed some themes come to light. I have decided to keep them to my cast and myself, so you can watch the work and interpret it in your own way.

I have found that peers and mentors are instrumental to the creation of work. Having a fresh set of eyes to point out noticeable moments allows me to see my work in a different light. My mentors really understand my movement style, and work to cultivate who I am and what I am naturally creating, rather than altering my core. A course I took that is also influencing my creative process is lighting design, which I took last spring. It was one of my favorite classes for the dance and movement studies major. Subsequently, I already have a strong sense of the lighting I am planning for the work. It will hopefully add a new layer to the piece. I am currently also playing around with the idea of very avant garde hair styles, but who knows if they will make it into the piece.  

Thank you Katie!

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