Monday, April 11, 2016

Emory Dance Company Spring Concert 2016 "undertow": Choreographer Spotlight

With just a few days left until opening night, read below about a few of our choreographers and their choreographic process!

Cherry Fung

Junior, Dance & Movement Studies Major

As a Beijing native, I have witnessed and experienced the increasing impact of smog on people's lives in the city. From apathy to worry, desperation and pure dejection, people are constantly shifting and readjusting their mental states to better cope with the situation. As a choreographer, I am interested in abstracting movements from behaviors driven by the feelings stated above. Furthermore, I want to explore the concept of individualism and community within my choreography. Inspired by how people deal with smog in Beijing, I want to translate the mental state of a community coping with something unavoidable and seemingly unfixable into movements.

Kaitlin Lipner

Senior, Biology and Dance Double Major

To create this work, I adhered to an overall structure that I imagined before the dancers were even cast. That structure was to start as group, move into a solo for each dancer, and to end as a group. Further, each solo would be framed by the other dancers arranged as if in the corps of a ballet. Very soon after I began choreographing, it became clear that there was something humorous about the piece and I decided to fully embrace the comedy. Ultimately the purpose of this work is two-fold, to both showcase the amazingly talented dancers and also to entertain.

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