Thursday, March 26, 2015

Emory Dance Company Spring 2015: Inside the Choreographer's Mind

The Emory Dance Company Spring Concert is only one month away! As the choreographers have begun to find endings for their works, they have also discovered a title for the concert: Searchlight.


Briana Keith
Anthropology & Human Biology Major, Dance & Movement Studies Minor

My creative process all started with a simple poem I wrote a summer ago. I entitled my poem, “Dream” because it discusses how I have battled the constant stress of being visually impaired and using glasses and contacts as crutches in my life. 
The poem continues on about the perception of reality and how life is not black or white, just grey. 

This poem encouraged me to create a piece of movement and place it on bodies other than my own. In this piece, I work through the constant battle of looking at life as black and white even though everything can be a blur, almost grey in a sense. Grey is a mixture of the good and bad, the right and wrong and the true and false. Grey represents the answers to many questions we have for ourselves like, “What is our true purpose in life?” “Why am I here?” “What should I do?” There is hardly ever a clear or right answer. Sometimes it is a mixture and maybe the answer is not an answer in itself. In this piece, I have incorporated the poem along with my dancer’s perspective on life and their daily struggles, like waking up and not being able to see clearly. I want to attempt to answer the big question of, “What is reality?” and through movement show how we perceive movements and gestures, through seeing, hearing, observing and grabbing hold of life itself.

Through this process, I have had the pleasure of receiving feedback from the other choreographers and our professor, George Staib. The feedback has not only helped my piece grow, but has also humbled me as a choreographer. Watching my piece over and over can often times numb my eyes to what is actually being perceived on stage. After each feedback session, I take a step back and review each piece of constructive criticism, advice and approval of my work and rework my piece bit by bit. For me, the creative process never ends and I guess I will only stop changing and reworking my piece on the opening night of the show.

Don't miss the Emory Dance Company Spring Concert, Searchlight! Click here for more details. For more information on the Emory Dance Program, please go to our website or check out our Facebook page.

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