Tuesday, April 22, 2014

EDC Spring 2014: A Few Words from our Choreographers (Part 9)

It's finally here! The Emory Dance Company spring concert, Pluto's Renaissance, is finally here!  We've also come to the end of our journey exploring the choreographic processes of our nine student-choreographers. Here is our last choreographer, discussing the inspirations, processes, and aspirations for his piece.

James LaRussa, Sophomore

The title of my work, Involuntary, spawned from my thoughts, experiences, and exposure to emotional manipulations.  Throughout my choreographic process of this work, I brainstormed different ways, reasons, and effects of emotional manipulation and control.  The movement in Involuntary explores the physical and mental effects of someone’s state of mind and self-control, becoming overtaken and misused by another.  Often times the victim of such control theft fails to realize what is happening until some tragic experience opens her eyes to the realization.  Other times if the victim sees the negative direction of the situation, what kind of heartbreak or betrayal will this individual experience after such intense deception, and how will she recover from living as a victim of dishonesty and deception?  Throughout the work, I experimented with different ways to embody these feelings and how to evoke an emotional reaction from the audience. 

I am rehearsing with 8 women regularly who embody the choreography and physically devote themselves to the movement.  I find it important for my dancers to connect emotionally with the movement, so that they may better evoke the emotional depravity of the work.  This spring I have been choreographing around this main vision; however, I highly value my dancers’ input and choreographic techniques as well.  Often times, the dancers and I collaborate on different movements and effort qualities, adding admired variance to the work.  Because of how devoted my dancers have been throughout the semester, I haven’t found any major challenges or obstacles that halted my flow during my choreographic experience, which I am greatly thankful for. 

I value the feedback sessions I attend every week as equally as I value my dancers’ dedication to the movement I create.  Watching the developing processes of the other choreographers allows me to remain aware of possible ways I can develop my own choreography.  During these feedback sessions, I also receive student and professional feedback on my created movements.  I highly value my peers and professors’ opinions and recommendations of my work and in what direction they see it moving.  I do my best to incorporate everyone’s critiques and to constantly reevaluate my work to produce a mature piece of art.  I’d like to give a final thank you to my cast for all your hard work and dedication, as well as a thank you to my fellow choreographers and professors who helped guide me toward my finished product.

Thanks, James!

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