Thursday, March 6, 2014

EDC Spring 2014: A Few Words from our Choreographers (Part 3)

What makes spring so special for the Emory Dance Program is that the works featured in the Emory Dance Company spring showcase are created by the students of the Choreography II class.  As the semester progresses, we'll hear from each of our nine choreographers about their processes, challenges, triumphs, and aspirations for their pieces. 

Sarah Freeman, Junior

I've been coming up with possible themes and inspirations for this piece since I decided I wanted to choreograph for EDC last year, so there have been some pretty crazy ideas bouncing around in my head. (I did eventually abandon the Land Before Time direction, luckily.) What really intrigues me in this piece is the boundary of when an object or an idea is ready to discard: is it used up, is it boring, is it just too much to handle? Through movement, and with a lot of everyday props, I want to examine that tension between value and trash.

I chose dancers who I thought were creative and brave as well as technically skilled, because in this piece it’s important for them to make their own decisions about how long or in what manner to continue a phrase or gesture. Or do they just feel like walking offstage? What I love about dance is that almost anything possible is within the realm of possibility in this microcosm of a theater, and the most interesting choreography to me is the most surprising. Sometimes I worry we have a little too much fun in rehearsal, but I think it's just the joy of taking risks and being unafraid to try something completely off the wall that puts us in such a good mood. And some of my ideas are definitely ridiculous, which occasionally works, but more often means we just crack up and throw it away...hey, see what I did there?

My biggest challenge is definitely going to be honing down all of the scattered images and phrases I keep coming up with into a cohesive and clear, but also wacky and unpredictable piece of work. As a writer and English major I am constantly editing and condensing my writing, but it's so much harder to do in dance when there are other people embracing and jumping in to the insane directions you throw at them. This is an amazing opportunity for me as a student to have access to professional quality theater space, music arrangement, costume production, lighting and sound...The list of resources goes on forever and I want to take advantage of the chance to produce a multi-dimensional and challenging piece of artwork. I am enjoying every moment of this process, because I know that when the show is over, when we've used it up, there's no choice but to just let it go. And that's the best part of creating choreography to me!

Thanks, Sarah!

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