Thursday, March 17, 2011

Success at ACDFA

"miles to the left" choreographed by Lori Teague
Emory faculty members Gregory Catellier, George Staib, Lori Teague and Anna Leo, along with 12 Emory students returned March 9 from the Southeastern American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA) conference held at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Of the 44 dance works adjudicated by a most prestigious panel of choreographic artists (Bebe Miller, Zvi Gotheiner and Mary Cochran), Lori Teague’s work “miles to the left” was one of nine pieces chosen to be presented on the closing gala concert. Also adjudicated was undergraduate student Lauren Kaplan’s solo “Closed In.” Adjudicators described Lauren’s performance as  “beautiful, vibrant, sensual.” For the first time in the history of ACDFA two schools presented a work for adjudication in collaboration. Agnes Scott College and Emory dancers performed together in Doris Humphrey’s “Shakers.” Adjudicators comments included: “Exquisite ensemble, as though a painting has come to life.” Emory dance alum Kathleen Wessel’s work “Quiet, you’ll cause an uproar.” was also chosen as part of the gala. Kathleen is currently on faculty at Spelman College. All four of the dances works were brilliantly lit by Gregory Catellier.

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  1. I was in Talahassee for this and they put on a show! Nice work guys!