Thursday, August 20, 2009

What we did this summer

As the summer nears its end, and we start a new school year next week, we humbly submit our report on "What We Did This Summer."

Our full-time faculty were busy with a variety of things, from choreographing new works to working with local teenagers, to performing and writing a research paper. For a full report on faculty activities, please see "Where the Arts Go in Summer" at (scroll down to find the dance faculty section).

Kendall Simpson, our music coordinator, composed new music for choreography for Anna Leo, which you will be able to experience at her faculty concert, " so much nearer home" to be performed September 25-27 (see for more details).

Kendall and I completed a project over a year in the making, the redesign of our website. We have a completely new look, updated and revised content, and we added a photo gallery. This coming year we plan to add video clips as well. Check out the website for our schedule of 2009-2010 dance events! And feel free to send us feedback on the website to: And obviously we’ve also started a blog!

This week we are gearing up for the arrival of first year students, the return of other students, and for the start of classes on August 27. Stay tuned for our next post, about what our students did this summer!

-Anne Walker
Office Manager
Emory Dance Program

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  1. Beach with Helene and the boys! That was the big vacation this summer, the beach was Rosemary Beach (FL). We had a busy summer around here...working on Anna's show, Greg and George constantly rehearsing, Lori going on the road with MITS, Tara creating a new piece. Thanks for the blog ANNE! - Kendall